Digital Marketing

Transform your online presence, amplify your reach - with digital marketing with Arkilos:

Social Media Marketing

We leverage powerful tools, including Hootsuite and Buffer, in our social media marketing services. At Arkilos, we strategically elevate your brand, ensuring impactful growth and engagement.

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

We excel in email marketing with tools like Mailchimp and Constant Contact, crafting impactful campaigns for heightened engagement, conversions, and brand loyalty.


We, at Arkilos, specialize in SEO, leveraging powerful tools such as Moz and SEMrush. Enhance visibility, drive organic traffic, and achieve online success with our comprehensive SEO strategies.

Content Creation

Content Marketing

Arkilos excels in content marketing, crafting compelling narratives. Our strategic approach, coupled with tools like HubSpot, elevates brand presence and engagement for lasting impact.

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics And Reporting

We, at Arkilos, empower informed decisions with robust analytics and reporting. Utilize insights from tools like Google Analytics and Tableau for business growth.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation and Automation

We, at Arkilos, drive digital transformation using tools like Salesforce and UiPath. Revolutionize operations, enhancing efficiency, agility, and sustainable growth.

Finance and Accounting

Our team consist of experts who will assist you in setting up or migrating and in case of existing QuickBooks user to utilize the software to its full potential.


Bookkeeping services and accounting services for both QuickBooks and Xero customers.


Our services assist our businesses to keep efficient and up to date with your accounting needs.


Reports for Board meetings

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Data Entry Services

Accuracy and efficiency, every keystroke - with our data entry services

Product Data

Creation of product data for catalogues


Invoice processing

PDF Transcription

PDF transcription to orders and purchase orders

Order Data Entry

Customer Order data entry

Form Creation

Forms Creation

Forms creation for Healthcare, Transportation and shipping, Insurance and banking.


Transcription for book drafts

Business Development Services


Market Analysis

Comprehensive research and analysis to identify market trends, opportunities, and competitive landscapes.

Strategic Planning

Customized strategies to align business goals with market demands, ensuring sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

Partnership Development

Facilitation of strategic partnerships and collaborations to expand networks and enhance market presence.

Growth Strategy Implementation

Hands-on support in implementing growth strategies, including scalability planning and resource optimization.

Performance Monitoring

Continuous monitoring and analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress and identify areas for improvement.

Training and Development

Provision of training programs and skill development initiatives to empower teams and foster a culture of innovation and excellence.

Business Development

Staff Augmentation Services

Our staff augmentation model benefits organizations in hiring executives, mid management and mid to lower management personnel.

Step 1

Tell us your Needs

Share your staff augmentation needs and staffing period. 

Step 2

Onboard Professional

Our resource once onboarded, will take care of your needs and handle your end-to-end accounting and Bookkeeping works without any hassle.

Step 3

Start Working

We offer staffing services to ensure the timely delivery of your robust accounting / Bookkeeping solutions, with ongoing monitoring to meet your requirements.

Step 4

Ongoing Support

We are committed to provide support without any hassles.

Industries We Serve


The biggest cleantech firms in the world that we work with are advancing the cause of environmental protection through green chemistry and high-efficiency recycling. For these clients, ARKILOS creates and maintains unique software, sets up and manages their cloud ecosystem on Microsoft Azure and offers managed software support services with round-the-clock availability. We are working together to ensure that our world has a sustainable future.

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Our client's line of goods includes ones that promote immune system health, manage stress and anxiety, promote healthy sleep patterns and fight ageing. Healthcare has become an important aspect of everyone's lives. ARKILOS has played a significant role in our client's success narrative, particularly during COVID-19. when we established the standard for collaborative remote work to support the client's international eCommerce operation, our engineers and teams collaborate with them.



Our international customers include major corporations, law enforcement agencies, customers selling environmentally responsible vegan accessories and bespoke executive accessories. Arkilos develops solutions on Microsoft Azure and AWS. We have created and managed these cloud ecosystems for the clients. Arkilos provide custom APIs to connect with E-commerce web-site platforms such as BigCommerce and Shopify to connect with a centralized Order Manager software.

Retail Image


We provide E-commerce solutions for customers:

Custom SKU management (Stock Keep Unit).
Photo catalogue management for your product photos .
E-commerce connections to CommerceHub E-commerce marketplaces such as staples.ca, staples advantage, bestbuy.ca, Walmart.ca, thebay.com

E-commerce connections to marketplaces such as Walmart.ca through their custom marketplace connector and bestbuy.ca through Mirakl.

Order confirmations and shipping methods:
Full EDI compliant requirements (electronic interchange of business information using a standardized format). Automating the flow of data between trading partners such as Walmart, Target, Costco, Amazon.



We provide custom software for the automotive manufacturing environment processes. Custom Software serving the automotive recall industry for secure destruction of dangerous goods. Complete end-to-end tracking, reporting for the destruction of dangerous goods and other automotive recalls.

We also provide software to the car dealerships, scrap dealers and recycle companines to manage their logistics regarding the auto recall.


Real Estate

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